Drugged driving charges can stem from many things

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Impaired driving doesn’t always have to revolve around alcohol. It’s possible that a person can suffer from impairment due to drugs. This includes illegal, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs as long as they’re having a negative effect on the person’s ability to drive safely. 

People who are using any drug or taking any medication that could make them feel intoxicated should ensure they don’t drive after taking the substance. Instead, they should give themselves time to determine how the drug is impacting them. 

What makes drugged driving charges challenging?

One factor that makes these cases very challenging is that there isn’t a reliable way to test a driver to determine exactly how impaired they are. With alcohol, there’s a tangible test that gives a value that can be used in court to prove impairment. 

In the case of a drugged driving charge, things aren’t that easy. Drugs can remain in the system much longer than the impairing properties. This means that a person who tests positive for cocaine could have used the drug a week prior to being pulled over, but the impairing impact of the cocaine wouldn’t still be present in the body.

Police officers rely largely on field sobriety tests to determine the impairment of drivers who they think have done drugs. They also try to question individuals to see if they’ll admit to drug usage before driving. Exercising your right to remain silent is a good idea if you’re pulled over for the suspicion of impaired driving.

All impaired driving charges should be taken seriously because they have significant penalties associated with them. Don’t talk to the police until you have an opportunity to determine all of the defense options available to you.