How long will you lose your license over a Mississippi DUI?

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The penalties you face for driving under the influence (DUI) will affect many aspects of your life and possible incarceration could affect your family and your job. The fines might leave you struggling financially, even if you don’t lose your job.

Losing your license can also be a major hardship, since you may not have reliable transportation to work or might struggle to meet the needs of your children, such as transportation to school. The license penalties for a DUI charge are often what inspire people to fight back because they cannot risk losing their driving privileges.

What are the Mississippi suspension periods for DUI charges?

Your driving record largely determines how long the suspension for a DUI will last. After a first DUI conviction, you will lose your license for 120 days. Some drivers can regain partial driving rights if they install an ignition interlock device during their suspension period.

A second DUI within five years will lead to more penalties. It could mean a year without your license, while a third offense will mean a two-year suspension. After a fourth offense, you could go a full decade without a driver’s license.

Progressive penalties make an early defense smart

Obviously, if you face a fourth DUI charge and a 10-year license suspension, you have plenty of motivation to fight back against those charges. Those penalties can also be a good reason to avoid ever getting a first, second or third DUI on your record.

Choosing to fight back against a DUI charge can help you keep your license and a cleaner driving record.