Mississippi one of the worst states for resident safety

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Researchers assess statistics to determine how people are injured and lose their lives. This is all encompassing, covering various aspects both personal and professional. For Mississippi residents, one recent study is sure to give pause about their safety as they go about their daily lives. This is especially true when they head out on the road as drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Since accidents are so unpredictable, it can be useful to look at the numbers and formulate strategies to avoid accidents with injuries and death. Still, they will happen and those who have been impacted should be aware of their options.

WalletHub says Mississippi is one of the most dangerous states overall

According to WalletHub, resident safety is a persistent problem in Mississippi. This is not limited to auto accidents, but that is a significant part of the challenges they are confronted with each day. In total, Mississippi was second from the worst for safety with only Louisiana behind it. In the study, the following aspects were considered: being prepared for emergencies; safety in the workplace; road safety; financial safety; and safety in personal and residential situations.

While the state had reasonably positive results for personal and residential safety including illness, crime and drug issues, it had a litany of concerns in every other category. With road safety, the study considered how many people lost their lives in auto accidents per every 100 million miles they traveled and it was last in the nation in that context. It also considered drivers who were under the influence, how many pedestrians and bicyclists were killed, the number of drivers who did not have insurance, the state laws and quality of the roads. For workplace safety, the state came in third from the bottom.

Even awareness and vigilance cannot prevent all accidents

This information can have value for people in the state, especially when trying to avoid auto accidents. Unfortunately, no amount of preparedness and caution can keep from facing personal injury and suffering fatalities in some collisions. With medical expenses, long-term issues, the inability to function as before and the emotional aftermath, it is imperative to know how to approach the case. That includes dealing with insurance companies and thinking about pursuing litigation. Having professional advice is crucial from the beginning when formulating strategies to mount an effective case.