Confusion leads to Mississippi home being sold for nearly nothing

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Real estate disputes are common in Mississippi, but some are due to major mistakes that can cause a litany of problems for the property owner. Such missteps are not always made by a person selling a property. These individuals frequently get caught in the middle and need help to address the matter. Even if it was an innocent mistake, it can lead to financial challenges and significant time and effort to get straight. In these situations, it is critical to have professional advice.

Delinquent tax sale sells wrong home

A Mississippi family receive unexpected and unwelcome news when they were notified that their home had been sold as part of a delinquent tax sale. Its price was $236. The problem was that their home was not subject to delinquent taxes. A real estate agency bought it and the parties are trying to find a way to settle the matter so the family can retain their property. The owner stated that she does not own the home at all. She owns the lot next to the property, but the builder – who was also the original seller – constructed the home on the wrong lot. The owner was paying her taxes on a home that did not exist.

According to the tax assessor, the subdivision has two properties on the lot, but one is empty. There is a mistake saying there was a home where one does not exist. No one was receiving notifications that the taxes were delinquent and they were not paid. Therefore, the property was placed up for sale. Subsequently, the woman received a notice on her door from the real estate company that the family needed to vacate in three days. In addition, they had planned to sell the property before this occurred and potential sales were ruined. There is hope that the matter can be settled before it goes any further.

Complex real estate issues require experienced assistance

This case is obviously unusual and troublesome. While not all real estate law disputes are so egregious and puzzling, they can reach a level of complexity that are difficult to navigate. When confronted with any legal disagreement regarding real estate, it is important to be protected. This is especially true when dealing with tax problems and major errors. Consulting with those experienced in all aspects of real estate can be helpful to deal with these concerns.