Woman, 5-year-old child injured in gang-related shooting

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The stillness of a balmy summer evening in Meridian’s Highland Park was cut by the sounds of gunfire.

Police arrived at the scene to find a woman and five-year-old child with gunshot wounds. The woman was struck in the head while the child was struck in the hand. Both injuries were non-life threatening.

Pictures of the scene show two cars at the park, one with its back window shot out. One of the Dentzel Carousel’s horses was also damaged by gunfire.

The shootout appears to be gang-related, according to law enforcement. Four suspects have been identified by police: Malik Wright, Jerry D. Williams, and Jaterio McKee. An additional unidentified suspect was already in custody.

An investigation remains underway, and anyone with information related to the shooting is encouraged to contact crime stoppers.

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