Study suggests size of trucks increases danger of truck accidents

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In Mississippi and across the United States, pickup trucks are rising in popularity. This is for business purposes and because people like the aesthetic of these vehicles. Advancements are meant to improve efficiency and safety. However, there are risks to people who are in smaller vehicles, are bicyclists and pedestrians. A recent study by Consumer Reports assessed the growing danger of trucks. People sharing the road with pickups and other types of trucks should be cognizant of the possibility of a crash and know their options if they have been injured or lost a loved one.

The size of trucks and how they diminish visibility referenced as a problem

The way in which trucks are constructed has impacted the injuries people may suffer when there is an accident. Consumer Reports looked at the 931 deaths in a “frontover” collision in the three decades from 1990 to 2019. It found that a van, SUV or truck was involved in 80% of them. Beginning in 2000, the front hood of passenger trucks was 11% higher than it was previously. That can increase the blind spot for the driver and place people in jeopardy. Their weight has increased too. From 2000 to 2018, pickup trucks were almost one-quarter heavier than they had been. This can raise the impact of a collision and cause greater damage.

Another challenge noted by Consumer Reports is that the safety features that are standard with many newer models are not present in many pickups. That includes additions that may affect safety like height and blind spots. The lack of agility in pickups and bigger vehicles is problematic as drivers of smaller and lighter vehicles may be able to avoid a crash entirely while truck drivers cannot. Anecdotal evidence and statistics were used by Consumer Reports to come to its conclusions.

Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and death

This report should be worrisome to people who share the road with trucks of any size. In truck accidents, people can suffer severe injuries that can change their lives physically, emotionally, personally and financially. Medical expenses, being unable to earn a living and facing an uncertain future are just some of the issues that will inevitably arise.

The cause of the accident is a key factor in deciding how to proceed. The vehicle itself is one consideration, but driver behavior is another. If the driver was under the influence, was distracted, was drowsy or was reckless, evidence must be gathered to show how the accident came about. People who have been hurt should be fully aware of their rights and have guidance from those experienced in these types of collisions as well as the statistics as to why they occur.