Local educator arrested for DUI at safety checkpoint

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In Meridian and across Mississippi, people who are arrested for a legal violation can obviously face criminal charges and the problems that accompany it. For many, this can also have professional ramifications. If the person is a in a prominent position in the community, his or her reputation can be severely damaged if they are convicted of a crime. Being arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs must be addressed. From the start, it is imperative to know the potential avenues to combat the allegations and seek a positive outcome.

High school principal faces DUI charges

A high school principal in Meridian was arrested for DUI after he was stopped at a safety checkpoint. He has been the principal of the school for nearly a year and worked in the education field for nearly two decades. According to officers, he was driving after using an unknown substance. This is a growing problem, officers say. Increasingly, drivers are using drugs – legal and illegal – before driving. In addition to the DUI charge, he received citations for not having insurance and for a separate violation another city in Mississippi. In response to a call about the arrest, the school district said they said they did not know about it and could not comment.

Understanding the legal penalties that can come with a DUI conviction

DUI charges should be taken seriously due to the various penalties that can be assessed. This might include a driver’s license suspension, fines and jail time. It can also cause personal and professional issues. Job opportunities can be lost because of a DUI conviction. It can result in a negative perception in the community and advancement could be a challenge. Often, people accused of DUI have no experience with being arrested and do not know what they can and should do in response. Knowing how to craft a defense is crucial.

Professional advice is essential after a DUI arrest

In these cases, the viability of the drunk driving or DUI accusation may hinge on the evidence. For the high school principal who was arrested at a safety checkpoint, there might be a reasonable explanation for appearing to have been under the influence such as having taken prescription medication without realizing the potential side effects. There could be options to fight the charges such as officers failing to adhere to proper protocol when investigating the case. The principal must assess the situation and determine what steps to take to avoid the legal and professional consequences he will likely face. Having legal assistance from the outset is key.