Mississippi man arrested following shooting spree on highway

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Being accused of an assault is a serious situation. Like other states, Mississippi is tough on violent crimes, resulting in serious penalties if a conviction results. Thus, those facing allegations of a violent crime should take steps to fully understand the charges, the penalties that could result and what criminal defense options one has.

Aggravated assault charges

Based on recent reports, a 58-year-old man was arrested in Jasper County following a short-lived shooting spree along Mississippi 33. Preliminary investigation suggests that law enforcement was first alerted of the shooting around 10:23 a.m., with a female caller asserting that she witnessed the suspect standing near a gate outside of her residence.

It was purported that this individual and a male left her residence in her vehicle, and when they drove past the gate, the suspect allegedly began shooting at them. The female driver began driving south on Mississippi 33, and the suspect purportedly got into his vehicle, following her and taking shots are her vehicle.


The male suspect was soon stopped by authorities and taken into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated domestic violence and shooting into an occupied vehicle. It was further reported that the accused was already out on bail for a prior federal charge, resulting in him bring denied bond for these charges.

Details surrounding this event were not reported at this time. It is not clear what the connection between the individuals involved are; however, a connection does exist, as he was charged with a domestic violence charge.

Those accused of a crime have the right to initiate a criminal defense. No matter the severity of the crime or criminal history of the accused, asserting a defense could help an individual not only protect his or her rights but also assist with reducing and even dismissing some or all of the charges he or she faces.