Convertibles safer than hardtops when it comes to rollovers

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Owning and operating a personal vehicle is common in Mississippi and other states across the nation. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, individuals often consider safety features and what will reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. However, even the safest vehicle could still get involved in a crash. Moreover, in the event of a rollover crash, a victim could suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result.

Safety – convertibles versus hardtops

When an individual considers purchasing a convertible, they think about the wind in their hair and the sun beating on them and enjoying a cruise. While there are many perks when it comes to driving a convertible, one does not automatically consider the safety features. In fact, one would likely view a convertible as less safe, as it is open and has nothing in place to prevent occupants from being ejected or enduring an injury because of something colliding with the open space on top of the vehicle.

Despite these factors and concerns, current statistics suggest that a droptop is just as safe as a vehicle with a fixed-roof. In fact, the fatality rate for convertibles versus hardtops was 11% lower, the injury rate was 10% lower and the number of accident involvements was 6% lower.

Rollover crashes

While one might suspect that occupants would be thrown out of the vehicle in the event of a rollover crash, it was found that 21% of occupants of a droptop were killed due to ejection while 17% were when it came to hardtops. Furthermore, it is important to note that the chances of leaving the cabin in the event of a rollover crash were 43% for convertibles and 35% for hardtops.

It is believed that the lower crash and fatality rates for convertibles versus hardtops is based on certain factors. This includes the weight of the vehicle. Convertibles tend to weigh more than a vehicle with a fixed roof, and research suggests that vehicles that weigh more tend to be safer.

The aftermath of a rollover accident could be traumatic and devastating. Those involved in such a collision should be aware of their rights and options when it comes to understanding cause and liability. Once investigation establishes the cause and who was at fault, a victim could seek compensation through a personal injury action. This civil suit could help address the financial, physical and emotional damages that resulted from the crash.