Addressing common landlord questions in Mississippi

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In Mississippi, landlords have many responsibilities. There is helpful information to address some common questions they may have related to repairs and evictions, lease terminations and security deposits.

Repairs and evictions

Landlords must make repairs when there is an agreement to do so in a lease, in common areas such as the grounds and buildings used by all tenants and to comply with building and housing codes.

They must also make repairs to maintain the rental unit in substantially the same condition it was in at the beginning of the lease, except for reasonable wear and tear and they must provide a property that is free from dangerous defects or defects that impair habitability.

If a tenant has not paid his or her rent and the landlord wants to evict the tenant, the landlord must give the tenant a three-day written notice that states the tenant must pay rent or leave the property. If the tenant does not pay within three days, then the landlord can file an eviction action in court.

Landlords can also evict tenants for damage to the property or for other breaches of the lease, but must provide the tenant with a 30-day written notice in these situations.

Lease terminations and security deposits

The lease usually ends on the date listed in the lease. However, if the tenant leaves before the lease termination date, he or she is responsible for paying the rent for the remainder of the lease. This may be reduced if the landlord is able to re-let the apartment.

The landlord has 45 days after the end of the lease to return the tenant’s security deposit, but can keep the security deposit for nonpayment of rent or damages to the premises if the landlord provides the tenant with an itemized written notice.

An experienced attorney can answer questions for landlords about their responsibilities and can provide representation.