Drunk driving accidents in Mississippi

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Drunk driving can cause serious accidents on Mississippi roads. Alcohol can impair the driver’s thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination which are required to drive safely.

Blood alcohol concentration

Depending on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) there can be different effects on his or her driving. With a BAC of .02 the driver can have a decline in visual function and their ability to perform two tasks at the same time decreases.

A BAC of .05 to .08 can result in reduced coordination, difficulty steering, short term memory loss and limits on the driver’s ability to control their speed. A BAC of .10 to .15 can cause the driver to stray out of their lane, brake inappropriately and can cause substantial impairment to driving, visual and auditory abilities.


Drunk driving a crime that can result in misdemeanor and felony convictions, license revocation, fines and jail time. In addition, when there is an accident, it can cause devastating injuries to the victim.

Accident victims can suffer cuts and bruises, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and even death.

Safety reminders

Drivers can avoid drunk driving accidents by planning a safe ride home or by choosing a designated driver. If a person knows that a friend has been drinking, he or she can call a taxi, a ride share service or a sober friend instead of letting him or her drive.

If a person has been in an accident with a drunk driver, help is available. An experienced attorney can review the circumstances of the accident and provide representation to the victim.