Burglary charge in Mississippi

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If a person is charged with a criminal offense in Mississippi, a conviction can result in jail time and can be life-altering. One of the more impactful crimes a person can be charged with is burglary. It’s helpful to understand how burglary is defined and some defenses that may be available to the accused.

There are a few elements that must be proven to find a person guilty of burglary. The accused must have broken into and entered a structure and must have had the intent to commit a crime.

The burglary may have also been committed while the accused was armed with a deadly weapon or when there is a person in the structure, but it can occur without those elements as well.

A person who is found guilty of burglary in Mississippi may be imprisoned for up to 25 years. In addition to serving this time, the criminal record that follows can cause the person to have difficulty finding a job or housing in the future.

Defenses to burglary

There are a few defenses to burglary that the accused person may want to consider.

Because one of the main elements of burglary is intent, if he or she can demonstrate that there was no intent to commit a crime that may be used as a defense.

Duress may also be a defense if the accused can prove that he or she was forced to commit the crime against their will.

Defenses to burglary will depend on the circumstances of the incident. An attorney can help anyone who has been charged with a crime and offer advice about next steps.