Christmas 2020: Yet another deadly holiday weekend

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Unfortunately, this time of year often proves dangerous and deadly to those on the road. This goes for those who decide to drive drunk and for those that just happen to occupy the road at the same time. This time of year is simply the combination of increased revelry and driving, and the consequences have born out yet again this holiday season.

By the numbers

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the holiday weekend officially began on Dec. 23 and ended on Dec. 27. During this period, MHP stated that they responded to 201 motor vehicle accidents. Of those accidents, four were alcohol related, 38 injuries were reported and three accidents were fatal. Accordingly, MHP made 130 DUI arrest and issued 5,898 traffic citations.

The fatal accidents

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, a man was killed on Christmas when his vehicle left Highway 80, just west of Newton, and struck a tree. According to his license, he was a Meridian local. The accident is under investigation to determine how the accident occurred and if there was anyone else involved.

At 3:46 a.m. the same day, another crash occurred on Highway 603 in Hancock County. This accident resulted in the deaths of two people. The two vehicles were traveling in opposite direction when they impacted head-on, killing both drivers instantly. MHP is still investigating this accident.

Finally, on Dec. 27, MHP reported that another fatal accident occurred on Highway 45 in Clarke County. The 21-year-old was traveling southbound when his vehicle left the roadway and overturned. Finally, MHP is also investigating this accident.

Options after

For those in Meridian, Mississippi, that have suffered because of the negligence of another driver, there are options. Our state’s civil justice system allows for car accident victims, especially those that are victims of drunk driving accidents to recoup all of their damages, including damages for their pain and suffering.