Four types of identity theft crimes in Mississippi

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When people in the Meridian area think of theft crimes, they may picture burglars, muggings, shoplifting and pickpockets. And while these are all examples of theft, another type of theft crime that could lead to criminal charges in Mississippi is identity theft. There are four types of identity theft crimes in Mississippi.

Identity theft

If you procure or attempt to procure the personal identifying information of someone else, with the intention of unlawfully using it without permission in order to obtain credit, purchase or lease property, gain employment, access medical records or commit a crime, this is considered identity theft. Identity theft is one type of identity theft crime.

Fraudulent use of identity

If you lie about your identity, Social Security number, credit or debit card numbers or other identifying information in order to obtain something of value through fraud, this is considered fraudulent use of identity. Fraudulent use of identity is a second type of identity theft crime.

False information

If you lie about your identity to the police in order to mislead them, this is considered false information. False information is a third type of identity theft crime.

Mail fraud

If you succeed or attempt to succeed in a plan to defraud or obtain money, property or services without paying for them or gain some other advantage by false promises or representations to sell or give someone something transmitted through the postal system over the phone, through telegraph or other electric communications or in a newspaper, this is considered mail fraud. Mail fraud is a fourth type of identity theft crime.

Identify theft is a broad crime

As this shows, there are several crimes that fall under the umbrella of identity theft. Identity theft will be treated just as seriously by police and prosecutors as other theft crimes. This post does not offer legal advice, so those in the Meridian area who are accused of identity theft will want to seek the help necessary to develop a solid defense strategy.