Do drunk drivers know they’re intoxicated?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | DUI |

Certainly, you can argue that many drunk drivers do know that they’re drunk. They make excuses to themselves before getting into the car, such as:

  • “I’ll just drive slowly and carefully.”
  • “It’s not really that far.”
  • “I’m actually a better driver when I’m drunk.”
  • “I’ve never caused an accident before.”

However, there is also evidence that many drivers don’t understand the extent of their own intoxication. This suggests that at least some number of accidents are caused by drivers who really think they are sober enough or that what they’re doing isn’t dangerous.

This doesn’t excuse the behavior, of course. But it does help show why it happens so often. From an outside perspective, it can feel very frustrating. Why do people keep causing these accidents when the statistics are clear on how dangerous drunk driving is and when all lives lost or harmed in these accidents are easily protected? The reason isn’t always that people are just reckless or that they don’t care. It’s that they think they’re being safe, and they are wrong.

In this sense, it’s similar to a lot of other driving mistakes that cause accidents. People who text and drive think they can do it safely, as do those who break the speed limit. Of course, they are also wrong in many cases, but they just do not realize how wrong they are until after the crash.

Have you been injured by a drunk driver? Be sure you know what legal steps you can take. You may be able to seek out compensation to help with medical bills and other things of this nature.