Improper load securement can lead to crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Semitrucks carry large and heavy loads across the country. This is a valuable service that keeps our country going but these vehicles can also cause crashes if they aren’t loaded properly. Improper securement of loads and incorrect positioning of items can cause the trucker to lose control of the vehicle or the items to come loose from the truck. 

There are several things that the loaders and truckers should be aware of when they’re getting the cargo into or onto the trailer. The Department of Transportation has laws and regulations regarding load securement that truckers must ensure are followed. 

Even when another party loads the trailer, the trucker should verify that the load is secured. This is especially important when the load is on an open trailer instead of one that’s enclosed. Double-checking all securement devices each time they stop may also be beneficial since it provides an opportunity to address issues before they cause fatal crashes. 

Failing to secure cargo could mean that it shifts during transit. This may cause the trucker to lose control of the big rig, which may lead to a crash that causes serious injuries or fatalities that could have been avoided if proper protocol and regulations were complied with.

While these points might not mean much to the general public, they can have a big impact on a claim for compensation if a person is injured in a crash caused by an improperly loaded or secured tractor-trailer. It might impact what parties are named as defendants, which may have a direct impact on the settlement or award for a victim, since identifying all possible defendants in a civil claim helps open the door to more possible sources for compensation.

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