Your first Mississippi drunk driving conviction

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | DUI |

You made a mistake. You know how dangerous drunk driving can be, but for the first time in your life, you said yes to a drink when you were planning to drive home. You drove back carefully, and you stayed nice and slow. You drove home so slowly and carefully that the police picked you out a mile off.

While drunk driving is not acceptable, you would not be the first person to have made this mistake in Meridian or anywhere else. Even though you were only just over the 0.8% limit, and you were driving slowly, you still broke the law.

Mississippi law does not take first-time drunk driving offenses lightly. These are some of the measures the court could apply if they find you guilty of driving under the influence:

  • You get two days of jail time or attend a victim impact panel
  • You pay a fine of up to USD $1000
  • You lose your license for four months

Four months with no license would be no big deal if you lived in town. If you lived in town, you would not have been driving home in the first place. The only reason you drove was that you live out of town, and four months without a car is going to make life hell.

In cases like these, you need a skilled representative to stand up for you in the Meridian court and search for a way to overturn the case against you. Yes, you did wrong, but you cannot afford to be without your car for four months.