When a loved one’s negligent injury becomes a wrongful death

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Wrongful Death Claims |

In the wake of catastrophic injuries such as those commonly suffered in motor vehicle accidents, the future may be hard to predict. In some cases, victims with seemingly fatal injuries may make a recovery. Other times, what began as a personal injury brought about by negligence may abruptly turn into wrongful death.

Our Meridian, Mississippi, injury lawyers want to make certain you understand that you can seek a legal remedy for either of these scenarios.

If your loved one is still alive but suffering from life-changing injuries, a personal injury claim can provide you with financial remuneration to ensure your family member continues receiving top-quality medical care.

If your loved one’s situation takes a tragic turn resulting in his or her death, you can still seek a lawsuit as a solution. When such injuries become fatalities, a wrongful death claim may be your best legal option.

Some people wonder what good a lawsuit can do for their family. Doesn’t it seem wrong to go after money when a tragedy occurs? It might surprise you to learn that money is not much of a motivator when a family member suffers a negligent death or injury. The real motivator in such cases is justice.

For example, victims who lose a loved one in negligent motor vehicle accidents want the person responsible held to account for his or her actions. Targeting that person in a legal setting can help victims accomplish this goal. Such a claim may also deter the responsible party from harming others.

We know that you might not want to talk about lawsuits in the immediate aftermath of a devastating event. However, we also know that there may come a day when you are ready to discuss these matters. We urge you to reach out for legal help when and if that day comes. In the meantime, you can continue learning how the law protects your rights in wrongful death or personal injury cases by exploring more of our website.