Uncovering liability for vehicle rollover accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Car Wrecks |

Some vehicles, especially SUVs or sport utility vehicles, are prone to rolling over. As you might expect, vehicle rollovers can contribute to the injuries victims suffer when they experience car accidents.

What causes some automobiles to rollover? According to SaferCar.gov, the section below explains why some vehicles rollover.

  • The type of automobile: Vehicles that are tall and have a high center of gravity tend to roll over more than smaller, shorter cars do.
  • The location of the car accident: Research indicates that fatal vehicle rollover accidents occur more in rural settings that lack safety features and allow faster driving.
  • Speaking of faster driving: SaferCar says that about 40% of vehicle rollovers leading to death involve driving at excessive speeds.

Although many of the vehicle rollover causes discussed above involve single-vehicle car accidents, rollovers can also occur in multivehicle crashes. When this happens, injured victims may have additional options for acquiring financial compensation.

For example, when a negligent motorist caused the crash and/or the rollover to occur, victims can seek a legal solution targeting the other motorist. However, if it is discovered that a defect in your vehicle’s design or manufacture also contributed to the rollover, you may be able to hold manufacturers or designers liable as well.

Vehicle rollovers are some of the scariest car accidents Meridian, Mississippi, residents may ever experience. They can also be among the most injurious crashes. Most victims need all the funds they can come up with to continue receiving emergency medical care as well as ongoing treatment and therapy.

Taking full advantage of the state’s judicial system can help ensure victims receive that care. An injury attorney can tell you how to proceed if you are considering a legal solution for your harm.