The effects of alcohol on drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | DUI |

Anywho who holds a Mississippi driver’s license and a set of car keys knows that drinking and driving are a horrible mix.

But what exactly does alcohol do to alter a person’s ability to successfully and safely operate a motorized vehicle? Here are just three ways that alcohol can have a severely negative effect when it comes to driving:


Consuming alcohol, particularly large quantities of alcohol, can impact a person’s vision. Adding alcohol to a person’s system can cause vision to become blurry, and can also affect one’s judgment with regard to how far or close a moving object is. This can greatly impact the distance one needs to keep between cars and other traffic obstacles. Excessive amounts of alcohol can additionally impact peripheral vision, making it harder to fully recognize the presence of cars or pedestrians in nearby proximity.

Reaction time

Upon consuming any amount of alcohol, a person’s reaction time can be compromised. While driving, drivers experience situations in which they have to react quickly and safely. Whether it’s the swerve of a nearby vehicle, a person stepping into a crosswalk, or an individual changing a tire on the side of a highway, drivers are constantly having to adjust to their ever-changing environments. When large quantities of alcohol are introduced to a person’s system, their ability to have a quick reaction time can be greatly lowered.


Even if not consumed in large quantities, alcohol can affect a person’s concentration. Concentration is something one needs a full grasp on before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, particularly at night. Knowing the speed limit on a highway, noticing if it’s begun to rain, gauging if there’s road construction 100 feet ahead, are all examples of things drivers need to take in and focus on while operating a vehicle. The ability for a person to concentrate on these important road aspects can be severely reduced when alcohol is added to the equation.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an alcohol-related driving incident, we are here to assist you with legal counsel.